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Sinead Doherty
Why are UK contractors coming to Ireland for work?

As Brexit negotiations rumble on, the UK is currently facing an..

Sinead Doherty
Budget 2019 - What Does It Mean For Individuals


How will individuals be affected by changes in Budget 2019?

In what has..

Sinead Doherty
Defining Private Limited Companies and Umbrella Companies: A Simple Guide

As a professional service contractor (someone who provides services on an..

Sinead Doherty
5 Tips for Paying Yourself Salary from your own Limited Company

As a freelancer or contractor you usually have the choice of setting..

Sinead Doherty
Don't have enough money to pay your income tax bill?
A year has gone by quickly and once again the income tax deadline is..
Sinead Doherty
Contracting in Ireland with a UK Limited Company - Guide to Irish Tax
Some of the most frequently asked questions we get from UK contractors who..
Budget 2018 - What does it mean for Individuals?

Personal tax rates continue to be a hot topic of discussion in Ireland. We..

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