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David O'Reilly
Contracting in Ireland with a UK Limited Company - Guide to Irish Tax
Some of the most frequently asked questions we get from UK contractors who..
Sinead Doherty
What is an Umbrella Company?

Umbrella companies offer a “hassle-free” business structure for contractors..

David O'Reilly
What Contractors need to know about PAYE Modernisation

So, you may have heard lots about PAYE Modernisation but what does it mean..

Why Contracting Is Here to Stay in Ireland

As a global trend, the world of contracting is appealing to an increasing..

Sinead Doherty
Budget 2019 - What Does It Mean For Individuals


How will individuals be affected by changes in Budget 2019?

In what has..

What Is Contracting and Why are People Going Into It?

The concept of contracting has recently generated a large amount of buzz...

Sinead Doherty
Defining Private Limited Companies and Umbrella Companies: A Simple Guide

As a professional service contractor (someone who provides services on an..

Sinead Doherty
5 Tips for Paying Yourself Salary from your own Limited Company

As a freelancer or contractor you usually have the choice of setting..

Sinead Doherty
The Pros and Cons of Contracting
More money, flexibility and vast opportunities are just some benefits..
Come Home to Work and Contracting!

There’s no better time to make the move. Our economy is experiencing strong..

Sinead Doherty
Don't have enough money to pay your income tax bill?
A year has gone by quickly and once again the income tax deadline is..

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